How to Control the Urge to Make Compulsive Purchases On Makeup

It has been about two years since I got addicted to purchasing makeup. I started with BB Cream and eyeliner and ended up with two drawers full of eye-shadow pallets and different varieties of foundations. The pro to having so much variety is that I can have fun trying on different products, but the con is that these products are bound to expire.

Here are some reasons to stay away from makeup hauls and compulsive purchases…

  1. They take up space (I like to keep my room simple and clean, and a lot of makeup is bound to lead to clutter)
  2. Many products expire, their estimated shelf life is about 6 months to 12 months
  3. The composition (quality and texture) of a product that has been opened changes over time
  4. It’s a waste of money!-the money that you spend on unnecessary products could instead be spent on food or a night out with your friends.

I will be reviewing the many products that I own, so keep an eye out.


Lessons from my Vegas trip

This past weekend, my friends and I made a trip to Las Vegas. It was my third time going. The first was with my family soon after immigrating to the States and the second with my coworkers while I was in college. This trip was nothing like what I expected… The first night, one of my housemates got pick-pocketed at an outdoor nightclub. The second night, I suffered so much from being out in the cold the previous night that I did not have the energy to go crazy with the drinking and dancing life. But regardless I made many memorable memories. Even during the chaotic time of having an angry housemate who got her money stolen, the group stuck together to find the culprit. And while our feet were hurting from walking and dancing in heels and snapping at each other, we managed to look out for one another and made sure that we all got back to the hotel safely. A few things to note:

  1. Pack at least two kinds of foundation so that you can use the correct one depending on your skin’s reaction to the weather
  2. Take a power extension cord
  3. A rolling suitcase is the way to go if space in the trunk is not a big issue
  4. Check the weather before the trip so you can pack the right kind of clothes
  5. Plan out your tentative budget and stick with it

And to end this post, I will share with you one of my favorite pictures from this trip. girls night out at vegas “A Moment in Time.”

2015 Will Be Mine

The year 2014 came and went by. Now, we are starting off the year 2015. To have a positive start to the new year, I have come up with 15 things that I am grateful for and listed out the goals that I want to achieve this year.

15 Things That I Am Grateful For:

  1. A full time job right out of college, with a great boss and coworkers and doing what I love- marketing
  2. A roof over my head and a nice apartment
  3. My housemates whom I will cherish forever until I turn wrinkly and old
  4. The ability to support myself and give to others
  5. Not being allergic to any major food, other than uncooked egg yolk
  6. A family despite how much I despise them at times
  7. Going through a rough childhood and turning that experience into a strength
  8. Obtaining a college degree
  9. My health, sort of…
  10. Having a car and not having to carry groceries back home
  11. The time to invest in myself each and every day
  12. Being in charge of different projects
  13. All the good and bad memories
  14. Being able to taste life through new experiences and food
  15. The fact that I am still alive

Going through and wondering about what should go on this list has really altered my negative mood. You should try it out when you’re feeling down and see if it helps! I now think this might be a good thing to do monthly. Now, let us move on to my goals for this year…

Goals for 2015:

  • Workout every weekday
  • Blog at least twice a week and document my thoughts and feelings
  • Read and finish a book each month
  • Learn new things: html/css, photography, photo editing, random facts, cooking, and etc…
  • Sleep less, work more, and be productive
  • Bond more with my close friends and cut off those that are harmful
  • Work on the way I present myself- be more confident and speak more effectively
  • Build up my experience, fulfill projects and bring out great results
  • List out a plan of how I will get to my dream company with my dream job
  • Network, network, network- join toastmaster if necessary
  • Become a valuable person
  • Eat and think more healthy
  • Manage money more efficiently and save

I plan on executing each goal by having a weekly task where I will keep track of my performance. Do you have any goals that you’ve set out for this year?