Lessons from my Vegas trip

This past weekend, my friends and I made a trip to Las Vegas. It was my third time going. The first was with my family soon after immigrating to the States and the second with my coworkers while I was in college. This trip was nothing like what I expected… The first night, one of my housemates got pick-pocketed at an outdoor nightclub. The second night, I suffered so much from being out in the cold the previous night that I did not have the energy to go crazy with the drinking and dancing life. But regardless I made many memorable memories. Even during the chaotic time of having an angry housemate who got her money stolen, the group stuck together to find the culprit. And while our feet were hurting from walking and dancing in heels and snapping at each other, we managed to look out for one another and made sure that we all got back to the hotel safely. A few things to note:

  1. Pack at least two kinds of foundation so that you can use the correct one depending on your skin’s reaction to the weather
  2. Take a power extension cord
  3. A rolling suitcase is the way to go if space in the trunk is not a big issue
  4. Check the weather before the trip so you can pack the right kind of clothes
  5. Plan out your tentative budget and stick with it

And to end this post, I will share with you one of my favorite pictures from this trip. girls night out at vegas “A Moment in Time.”


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