How to Control the Urge to Make Compulsive Purchases On Makeup

It has been about two years since I got addicted to purchasing makeup. I started with BB Cream and eyeliner and ended up with two drawers full of eye-shadow pallets and different varieties of foundations. The pro to having so much variety is that I can have fun trying on different products, but the con is that these products are bound to expire.

Here are some reasons to stay away from makeup hauls and compulsive purchases…

  1. They take up space (I like to keep my room simple and clean, and a lot of makeup is bound to lead to clutter)
  2. Many products expire, their estimated shelf life is about 6 months to 12 months
  3. The composition (quality and texture) of a product that has been opened changes over time
  4. It’s a waste of money!-the money that you spend on unnecessary products could instead be spent on food or a night out with your friends.

I will be reviewing the many products that I own, so keep an eye out.


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